At Animals Galore we are highly experienced in all aspects of animal training. We have our own in-house facilities and studio where we can set up a relaxed atmosphere for our animals to enjoy. Recently our studio has been used extensively to train the Chihuahua's and Bulldogs for the musical 'Legally Blond' at London's Savoy Theatre.

We also have stables and sand-school for training larger animals and horses.

Cindy Newman training animals for the theatre

Shown above is Cindy Sharville training our rats for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 'Woman in White'. In this show audiences applauded as our rat ran from one hand to another along Michael Crawford's shoulders as he sang. Also shown is Cindy helping train her Bulldog, and a Chiauhauha rehearsing for the London production of 'Legally Blonde'.

Animals love to play and interact. Their welfare is always at the heart of everything we do.

images showing some of our trained animals